Redefining Refineries

No matter where your refinery process takes place and no matter what you are refining, Ventech can help.

Since 1967, Ventech has provided integrated engineering, procurement and construction services for petroleum refiners and related industries.

Ventech has successfully relocated more process units and refineries than anyone else in the world. We’re also the global leader in the design and construction of modular refineries.

Ventech in Action

This video shows Ventech’s modularized construction expertise being applied to a 20,000 BPD refinery project near Erbil, Northern Iraq.

Fabrication Excellence

CEO Kevin Stanley discusses Ventech’s module-fabrication capability.

  • Why go modular?

    Why go modular?

    Quick to deploy, economical and scalable, discover how our modular refining units redefine the industry.

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  • Project Investment

    Project Investment

    We partner with project sponsors to develop a comprehensive financing solution. Ventech Project Investment has $200 million in available captial to make equity investments in energy projects globally.

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  • Refinery Expertise

    Refinery Expertise

    Ventech has an unmatched record of global success of designing, procuring, manufacturing, and installing a variety of projects.

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