Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Ventech specializes in designing and fabricating custom modular crude-processing units and reformers to fit each customer’s precise needs. Examples of Ventech’s achievements could not be further different than our projects in Siberia, Russia and northern Iraq. These projects presented vastly different technical challenges and logistical hurdles.

In the case of Siberia, Ventech was tasked with providing the first American-built oil refinery supplied to Russia in the remote Siberian town of Urai - located on the Konda River. With a population of less than 40,000 residents and located hundreds of miles away from the nearest oil refinery, Urai’s only fuel supply relief came via trucks driven over frozen rivers during the winter or from ships during the summer. Ventech’s solution was designed to provide a 2,000 bpd crude-processing plant in town to take advantage of Urai’s Shaim-Tyumen crude-oil pipeline. Designed and fabricated in Pasadena, Texas, the Ventech units shipped in 6 months from the date of contract execution.

Ventech engineers specially designed the Urai crude unit to operate in the below-50-degrees Fahrenheit weather by utilizing specialized metallurgy in the build process and by extensively insulating the unit. The extreme temperatures of Urai also required the crude-process module to be completely enclosed and heated—departing from the standard open-air design common in other projects. Ventech also supplied English and Russian-speaking personnel to oversee final assembly on site and plant operations training.

Working with the Russian government and locals, Ventech successfully provided the town of Urai with a processing plant allowing them to process local crude into diesel, gasoline, kerosene and fuel oil without needing outside support.

In the remote Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, Ventech was faced with a different challenge: building a large (20,000 bpd) crude-processing plant at a grassroots site along an oil pipeline, with no town or village nearby and with very little local support.

Ventech designed, procured and fabricated an entire crude-hydroskimming unit in our Pasadena, Texas, fabrication facility. Requiring 26 modules and complete utility packages including: power generators, steam boilers, air compressors, cooling towers, process flares, nitrogen generators and a control system to coordinate all the components, Ventech shipped the modular-processing plant to the port of Mersin, Turkey and then across the Iraqi desert to its project site in Kurdistan. Ventech erected the crude-processing plant along with a 9,000 bpd naphtha hydrotreater, 6,000 bpd catalytic reformer, and a 2,500 bpd isomerization unit.

This large-scale, modular crude-processing plant will play a key role in bringing positive economic change in the Kurdistan region for the people of Iraq.