Refining Solutions

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Backed by decades of experience, Ventech provides technology, engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, commissioning and startup services to refiners worldwide. Our units are constructed of all new materials and normal schedules run 10 – 18 months.

Crude Distillation

Units are each custom-designed for the crude oil to be refined, with unlimited barrel-per-day capacities. Each crude topping unit is capable of producing naphtha, kerosene (jet fuel), diesel, and fuel oil.


Distillate hydrotreaters are designed to remove sulfur and produce diesel, kerosene (jet fuel), or No. 4 fuel-oil in various quantities. Ventech also supplies amine plants, sulfur plants, and sour water strippers.

Gasoline Production

Ventech’s modular units are complete naphtha-processing units consisting of a naphtha hydrotreater, catalytic reformer, and isomerization units that process straight-run naphtha into high-octane unleaded gasoline.

Diesel Production

Ventech provides diesel production units that extract diesel from crude oil for sites in remote locations on- and offshore. The diesel is frequently used by remote oil producers for power generation and oil production. When a flexible fuel source in the field is needed, Ventech’s diesel production units can produce a variety of quantities, even as little as 50 barrels of diesel a day for use onsite.

Vacuum Units

Vacuum-processing units refine various quantities of atmospheric residuum (fuel oil) feed. Depending on the quality of your feedstock, these units are capable of producing light vacuum gas oil (LVGO), heavy vacuum gas oil (HVGO), and vacuum residuum for use in the production of asphalt and tar.